As we found out, hemangioma is a disease of a benign nature that affects not only the skin, but also mucous membranes, as well as internal organs, since its occurrence is associated with disruption of the vessels. In the first month of life, hemangioma should be treated in cases where it is located in the neck or head and grows rapidly (more than doubles in size in a week). In addition, if there is bleeding or infection, the formation also requires immediate medical attention.

If the hemangioma is simple, and at the same time does not create problems for the normal growth and development of the baby, does not constrain movements, and does not represent a serious cosmetic problem, you should not rush with radical methods of medical intervention: it is enough to see a doctor. As for hemangiomas, for which treatment is recommended, the following methods of therapy can be applied to them:

Spot hemangiomas located on the surface of the skin can be removed by the laser method, as well as by cryodestruction or electrocoagulation. Small cavernous and mixed hemangiomas are removed by sclerotherapy.

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With deep tumor formations are removed surgically. Hemangiomas located in delicate places (for example, eyelid areas, etc.) can be removed by X-ray therapy. Formations that occupy a large area of ​​the skin can be successfully treated with courses of hormonal drugs.

In difficult cases, when the hemangioma has a mixed structure, is located deep under the skin in hard-to-reach places, complex treatment can be used using several different therapeutic methods. Treatment of hemangioma in children. Hemangioma in children, as mentioned above, tends to increase in size and bleed. The latter is related to the mobility of the baby, whichliterally at every step risks damaging the integrity of the skin in the area of the disease, which is especially vulnerable.

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A comprehensive examination in a child with hemangioma involves an examination by a dermatologist, a surgeon, as well as a number of tadalafil procedures

In the absence of indications for the removal of education, the child should be regularly examined by a doctor in the future. If the hemangioma is recommended to be eliminated immediately, the specialist will prescribe you the procedure that is most effective and safe for your case. Treatment is based on the following factors:

Cialis of the anatomical region angiography analysis to determine blood clotting.

age and sex of the child clinical indicators of the body location size of the tumor.

hormonal radiation is carried out through a surgical or laser operation, electrocoagulation, sclerotherapy, freezing with liquid nitrogen, etc.

As a rule, in the absence of direct indications for the removal of the formation, doctors recommend taking a waiting position and undergoing periodic examinations (once or several times a year, depending on the age of the baby). It is also possible hormonal treatment and drug non-hormonal therapy.
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The rapid growth of the tumor is a signal for mandatory and immediate removal. Especially in cases where the disease is localized on the face or open areas of cialis pills. Hemangioma is located on the eyelid, in the auricle or parotid region, which can cause visual or hearing impairment. The tumor is localized in the airways and makes breathing difficult. The formation is located on the lips or in the oral cavity - it makes it difficult to eat and has a high risk of infection. The hemangioma is on the forehead, and can be damaged by wearing a head covering.

The neoplasm is localized in areas of the body that are in constant contact with clothing and footwear. The most radical way to eliminate a hemangioma is to remove it by surgery. As a rule, this approach is used in cases where the size of the formation exceeds 3 cm, or in a situation where there is a risk of disruption of the internal organs and functions of the body due to the further development of hemangioma.